Friday, December 22, 2006

What Happens When Liberals Control the World

After 70 years of communism the Soviet Union imploded into oblivion. The liberal utopia of no unemployment, official atheism, suppression of freedom of speech, planned state-owned economies, a 100% welfare state, abortion on demand, morality extrapolated from society, and constant surveillance was a disaster from the get-go. The case in question is the great country of Russia today. Almost 20 years after the fall of this Hilliarian paradise of Obamaspeak the Russian people don't have hope for the future so they are immigrating to other countries in droves. 70 years of being brainwashed in Hillarian-Leninist-Marxist dogma has produce a people unable to fend for themselves with no hope for the future. 70 years of abortion on demand has created the habit of contraception-by-abortion because 70% of all births in Russia end in abortion, with many return visitors (sic) Official state atheism has removed the striving to please God to please man. With no hope of an afterlife in eternity with God, Russians live only for today and will seek all advantages to get ahead. Without wanting to please God by helping others, selfishness has lead to high rates of corruption that has practically paralyzed the economy. Drying up foreign investment and eliminating any hope for a prosperous tomorrow. With 70 years of state enforced social dogma, Russians are not having babies. Those that are are aborting them, and those that are left alive lead into despair and drink themselves to death. Russia has one of the highest mortality rates in the world. The Russian population has decreased on average by 700,000 Russians a year. With the decapitation of the Christian Russian Orthodox Church and the enforcement of Barakmorality, Russians lead uninspiring and empty lives. What they need is hope, hope for the future, for themselves AND their fellow man in Jesus. Is it to late? For the article that inspired this posting click here.


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