Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Today's Role Models: Tara Connor

Tara Connor is the reigning Miss USA for 2006 and she was recently implicated in some sexual romps that is, ahem, unbecoming of Miss USA. While Tara Connor seems to be held as a role model in America today, Salon magazine is questioning why we hold her to such high standards. Former Miss USA Kate Shindle, who wrote this Salon article, says
"But is it fair to judge her so harshly for behavior that, when employed by far more famous celebrities, is often rewarded?"
My first thought is why are we holding up a beauty pageant contestant as a role model first of all. I won't even address the question that former Miss USA Kate Shindle brings up because it is a non sequitor. The Salon article is titled "Running low on role models". I personally respectfully disagree. Too many, probably the majority, of Americans are still looking towards role models other than their parents. And even that can be questioned when divorced, remarried, and unnatural (homosexual) marriages bring a lot of problematic issues to children. We as Americans are losing sight of what is important to us. Many hold up sports stars, super-models, you-name-it celebrity when we can already look at the Communion of Saints as worthy of role models. St. Francis of Assisi, St. Augustine of Hippo, and St. Gianna Beretta Molla to name just an iota of a fraction of the Communion of Saints that are available. This country, being 95% Christian, is living off their Judeo-Christian heritage and are not renewing their faith by taking it seriously. My point in singling out Tara Connor is that we should not lose sight of what is important to us and our children. Do we want our children to emulate people who have reached the pinnacle of holiness or do we want our children to emulate people who succumb to the worse of human nature? To read the Salon article click here.


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