Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quis ut Deus

QVIS VT DEVS is the inscription on the shield carried by the Archangel St. Michael, one of the seven before God. This inscription translated into English roughly says, "Who [is] as God?", or loosely, "Who is like unto God?". St. Michael the Archangel by having this inscription on his shield is saying who would have the audacity to compare himself to God.
His fame comes from defeating Lucifer himself in battle. Along with St. Gabriel and St. Raphael, they are the only three, of the seven before God, that are mentioned by name in the Holy Bible. He is often pictured slaying a dragon that represents Lucifer. Sometimes he holds scales in his free hand which represents bringing those that have left the earth to the judgement of God.
He is the prince of the Seraphs and all the other choirs of angels. He is also my guardian angel and the name of the church that attend. To the right is a stained glass window depicting the shield which he holds with the words Quis ut Deus.
To learn more about St. Michael the Archangel click here.


Matthew said...

St. Michael, ora pro nobis!

I still say the St. Michael prayer after each Mass. St. Michael is indeed a powerful advocate.

DeusVult said...

Quis ut Deus, is the Latin translation of the Hebrew Mikael, Mem, Yod, Kaph, Aleph, Lamed, which means "Who Is Like God". So the inscription is Michael's name, not a question of audacity. The meaning of Michael's name has always meant to compare his Strength, and Power in similitude to God. However, he is not AS God, but like Him. And so, his powers are of a lesser degree, yet his is continually triumphant because his actions rest solely upon the Will and Command of the Most High.

Pax Tibi!

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