Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back from Hawaii, Blogging, and CF's New Look

Well I'm back from my friends wedding in Lihue, Kauai and catching up with many of my childhood friends. I can't tell you how relaxing and enjoyable it was. It is nice to be back in Houston though, but I miss the extraordinary weather that I just came from. My blogging will be a little sporadic so bear with me. Congratulations to Matt for his very first posting on my blog. It only took him nine months, but hey, who's counting! Now all we need is for Handmaiden to post her as well to complete the quartet of bloggers. Fidei Defensor has posted some excellent articles thus far, I believe he probably is hunkered down for finals. So what do you all think of the new look CVSTOS FIDEI? I'm still tinkering around, teaching myself CSS and HTML to really spice up the blog. Any suggestions or comments? The picture in the middle of my blog title is that of Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J. outstretching his arms before being shot by the firing squad. In his left hand he is holding the Rosary and in his right hand a Crucifix. Moments before being shot he knelt down and prayed. He then stood up and stretched out his arms in the sign of the Cross and said, "May God have mercy on you. May God bless you. Lord, You know that I am innocent. With all my heart I forgive my enemies." Then he yelled out, "Viva Cristo Rey!", which translates to "Long Live Christ the King!". The anti-Catholic regime in Mexico executed a great man, a man of God. The 'Blancos' regime, a liberal and secular government bent on wiping out Christianity in Mexico continued the persecution of Catholics throughout the country. Eventually the 'Blancos' government put down the 'Cristos' uprising and we have the current form of governance in Mexico today. Many of my relatives were among the Cristos that lost their lives in Mexico and in remembrance of them and to show liberals and secularists that they will never destroy those that follow the Son of God I have put the image of Fr. Miguel Pro in open defiance. God bless, Tito


EC Gefroh said...

Welcome back Tito. Hope you share some photos. BTW, I love the new look. Love that you put Bl. Miguel Pro in your header.

Anonymous said...



I will be posting some photos, mostly of the churches I visited and attended.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Tito: the look of your blog is impressive. Much clear than the old one. Well done!

God bless -I really like that-,

LV aka The Anti-Jihad Pundit

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