Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bayeux Tapestry

One of the coolest little video's I've seen in a long time, do yourself a favor and watch it!


EC Gefroh said...

Tito, I have replied to you again this morning. I hope you get the emails but just in case, Mass at St. George in Waimanalo or the one I go to Sts. Peter and Paul in town 7am, rosary before that. Also, today is Bl. Damien's celebration in front of the capitol at 9:30am and Mass to follow at the Cathedral 10:30am.

Anonymous said...


Thanks! Can't wait to return home to Hawaii and eat some local grinds!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME Bayeux video!


I have a direct lineage to one of the knights that accompanied William the Conqueror on the voyage to England and at the Battle of Hastings.

Long live the Normans!

Clan of the Edwardses

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