Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tito and Firefox 2.0

I'm back. I've updated my Firefox browser and set up all the bells and whistles that I wanted and needed for my browsing leisure. I'm back to blogging without hindrance. I really like Internet Explorer 6.0, but after upgrading to IE 7.0, I've kind of 'apostatized' over to Firefox. (what's the past tense for apostasy by the way?) Thanks Josh M., Alan, and Matzilla for your enthusiasm and unabashed promotion of Firefox! Now let's see how well I can use all my shortcuts and other blogging/internet accessories on Firefox.


Robin said...

Now if you'll just switch over to Apple your setup will be complete!

Unknown said...

Bro Robin,

That won't happen for awhile if it does.

But what is it with IE 7.0? I hear others are having the same problems? And why doesn't Microsoft do anything about it?

I dread the day I get a new laptop and have to start using Vista as well.


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