Friday, May 11, 2007

Catholic News-Friday, May 11, 2007 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION Day 3 Coverage of Pope in Brazil - Thomas N. Peters, AmP Pope Creates Brazil's First Native-Born Saint - staff, BBC News Ordered To Love - Fr. Philip N. Powell, OP, Domine . . . Aquam! A New Look at Social Justice - Carley, Recapturing . . . Patrimony Happy Clappy Mass - Jeff Smith, The Curt Jester Santa Clara's Collegiate Ignorance - Diogenes, Off the Record Gov Patrick's Disdain for Democracy - Domenico Bettinelli, BN Jewish Christophobia To Pope Pius XII - staff, Catholic World News Giuliani, '...Will Defy Benedict' - David Saltonstall, NY Daily News Pres. Bush, Just War, & a Benedictine College - AP/Boston Herald Pope's Illumination on Excommunication - AllahPundit, Hot Air Correct Clarification on Excommunication - Diogenes, OTR Silly Catholic Liberals Pawn Lib Theology - Domenico Bettinelli, BN Benedict Warns Against 'Liberation Theology' - Jeff Israely, TIME Bayeux Tapestry - Fidei Defensor, Custos Fidei 'Into Great Silence' Now Playing in Houston - Tito, Custos Fidei Unnatural Selection: Slippery Slopes - Christina, COACS Why Marriage Numbers Falling - Russell Shaw, Our Sunday Visitor Oral Sex & Cancer Risk - Coco Masters, TIME Magazine Are Islamist's the Same as Fundie Xians? - Michael Medved, TMMS Why Evangelicals Convert to Catholicism - Ochuk, Ochuk's Blog CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION Obligatory Motu Proprio News - Shawn Tribe, NLM Video of Pope's Arrival in Brazil - Seminarian Matthew, ACL Pictures of Pope's Arrival in Brazil - Argent, Argent by the Tiber The Pope and the Pop Star - Sean Curnyn, First Things Abortion Mill Bought By Pro-Lifers - GrannyGrump, RealChoice Attempted Proselytizing, Sola Kevin - Fr. Dwight Longnecker, SOMH Evangelical Proselytizing - Mark Shea, Catholic and Enjoying It! Conservative Tone Deafness - Paul, Thoughts of a Regular Guy Richard Rich - Tito, Custos Fidei Oral Sex Linked to Throat Cancer - staff, Planned Parenthood Failed to Report Incense - staff, Citizen Link Charity Responds on Clinton Appearance - Domenico Bettinelli, BN Pro-Lifers Picket Clinton Appearance - Jim Brown, One News Now Pope on Romero: "will be beatified." - Michael Joseph, EC Unnatural Selection - Christina, Confessions of a Crazy Schoolmarm Resisting Culture That Objectifies Girls - Colleen C. Campbell, TH Sick of Love? Me Too! - Fr. Philip N. Powell, OP, Domine . . . Aquam! The Link Between Abortion & Divorce - Fred Hutchison, RA Ford Still 'Gay Tough' - Ed Thomas, One News Now (Hat Tips: Catholic Report, Catholic Online, & Open Book.) Movie Review: Into Great Silence (Die Groß Stille). Shameless Blog Plug of the Day: Thoughts of a Regular Guy. Fun News Item of the Day: Seminary Formationator - Jeff Smith, The Curt Jester. Secular News Item of the Day: French Socialists Are Sore Losers - staff, IBD Editorials
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Hey Guys, I've tagged you as a thinking blog, on my blog.

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You're welcome.

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