Friday, May 4, 2007

Tito and Internet Explorer 7.0

My laptop is frying so don't expect to many postings until I fix it. I will continue and try to keep up with my daily postings, but again, my laptop is frying. I think it has something to do with Internet Explorer 7.0. My laptop was pretty quick between keystrokes while surfing and posting on my blog. Now it is unbearably slow since I've upgraded to IE 7.0. I'm trying to remove it and get IE 6.0, but it seems I will have to erase it permanently and get a hard copy of IE 6.0 in order to get it back on. (for some reason Microsoft won't let me download IE 6.0 now that I have IE 7.0) That or use Firefox 2.0, but I have slowdown issues with that as well. If anyone has any ideas on how to get IE 6.0 back on my laptop to displace IE 7.0, I'm all ears.


EC Gefroh said...

The same thing happened to me on my desktop computer. I believe I uninstalled 7.0 and then installed 6.0 which I downloaded from an online source. It was so hard to use, i.e. some functions were performing like they used to, that I uninstalled it and once more reinstalled 7.0 and finally got used to it. I use Firefox because IE is way too slow.

Anonymous said...

Really, for overall security and usability, ditch all the IE's in the world and switch to Firefox 2.0. If you're having slowdown issues, it's most likely a a RAM issue...

Ditto on Firefox... make the move, man. IE is far too connected with the OS anyway and is much more vulnerable to attack.

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