Thursday, November 2, 2006

Gay Man Rapes and Murders Pious Catholic Mother of Four

Apparently in the courtroom the defense team of this homosexual is trying to raise up anti-Christian bigotry as a defense of their clients murder of a mother of four.
Last week, Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Jim McKay described (homosexual) Chicago man Nicholas Gutierrez's "ferocious" 2002 murder of a pious, 51-year-old Catholic mother of four, Mary Stachowicz, saying he also raped Mary in addition to stabbing, strangling and beating her, then stuffed her bloody body in a crawl space under the floor of his apartment. All the while, the stocky Gutierrez, who appeared to be about six feet tall, sat in the courtroom. One of Mary Stachowicz's sisters left the room in disgust after hearing Marchigiani launch her shocking defense. Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera responded: "The Gutierrez defense team's Politically Correct courtroom ploy ought to be called the 'Anti-Homophobe Panic Defense.' Marchigiani's is an ugly attempt to exploit the liberal caricature of Christians who oppose homosexuality as crazed haters with a penchant for aggression. "So here we see a new defense tactic: stoking the flames of anti-Christian bigotry to save a 'gay' murderer from the punishment he deserves," LaBarbera said. The trial has received very little coverage in the mainstream press.
I won't print the horrific details of what this homosexual did to this pious Catholic mother of four so you'll have to read it for yourself here. (Hat Tip:


EC Gefroh said...

Words cannot begin to describe what I felt as I read about this horrific crime!! Mahalo for bringing it to our attention.

Regarding this killer, barring some miracle of repetence and pennance, well to quote Johnny Cash, "God's gonna cut you down."

Unknown said...

I didn't want to post it because it was so disgusting to begin with, the homosexual himself and then the acts he did to her. But it's important to highlight the perverse lifestyles that Hollywood continues to portray as glamorous.

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