Friday, November 24, 2006

Vatican Rethinks Condom Use?

Many people seem to be in arms urging the Vatican to revise the ban on condoms because peoples lives are at stake. First point, people make their own decisions and when they don't listen to the teachings of the Church on chastity and celibacy they are responsible for their own actions. So to imply that the ban on condom usage is the Vatican's fault and millions of lives are at stake is erroneous.
The World Health Organisation's head of HIV/Aids called on the Vatican yesterday to speed up a decision on the limited use of condoms in pandemic-hit countries. . . . welcomed the news that condoms could be sanctioned for married Catholic couples where one partner has HIV. "We're very pleased to hear this," he said. "But our concern is that these deep theological decisions take account of the biological consequences of infection. Could we please have this debate in a hurry. Lives are at risk and time is short."
If you don't want to get AIDS then don't engage in sex period. That is 100% full proof. A condom is only 95-97% full proof. Why play games with your life. For the rest of the article click here.


Matthew said...

Abstience is 100% certain like you said. Abstience should be advocated before all else.

I wanted to share something that I read and have posted on one of my websites (

We can see from results in Africa that the use of condoms spreads AIDS rather than stopping it. Tanzia went from 3 cases to over 2 million with condom use, while Uganda went from a 30% AIDS rate to only 6%, after it stopped condom use. Clearly condoms spread rather than stop AIDS transmission. The Church is right in rejecting them.

Anonymous said...


Uganda is an excellent example that the UN doesn't want to recognize.

EC Gefroh said...

The UN has its own ulterior motives I think. The Church knows what she teaches is right.

Anonymous said...


I agree completely.

bgeorge77 said...

A cardinal (whom I can't remember) said it well, "We're not really in the business of telling people how to sin safely."

Now, in the case of married couples with AIDS, I would say that there is a reason that comdoms could be morally licit, though I can certainly see reasons why they wouldn't be. That's a question for the Magesterium, but for the WHO to pretend that somehow the Church "dragging its feet" is responsible for AIDS is laughable.

Anonymous said...


I agree.

It'll be interesting to see the final ruling on the matter.

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