Thursday, November 9, 2006

Germany Will Disappear in AD 2100

That's my prediction after getting more news that Germany's population tumble is now irreversible. Even taking into account an increase of immigrants coming into Germany, the replacement birth rate is well below required levels for a stable population. The Brussels Journal also predicts that by the year AD 2025 that one third of all births in Europe will be Muslim. This is major concern for Christians in general, specifically for all Americans. We should take notice that within the last 40 years of the European Union (EU) implementing secular-humanist programs ranging from abortion on demand to gutting the educational system of Christianity, the EU has seen a radical drop in their birth rates. Is there a connection? For more on this topic click here. For a more in depth analysis of this click here.


Hey maybe it will just break up into little petty states ala pre-Otto von Bissmark, Prussia, Bavaria, Hesse, etc. Muslims will flock to some states, secularists to others, Catholics to some, Protestants to others.

Hmm you know what, as twisted as that seems, it may be the BEST case scenario for Germany.

Unknown said...

Bavaria would be Catholic it seems.

Interesting analysis of a post-Germany.

How ironic it would be if after 200 years of unity they would be divided once again.

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