Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stephen Colbert is Catholic

The following posting is based on postings by College Catholic and The Cafeteria is Closed and for the record I didn't watch the show last night which this posting is referencing, but I do watch Colbert Report vignettes on YouTube... Last nights Colbert Report on the Comedy Central had Stephen Colbert (the host of course) on his "The WØRD" segment come out defending the Pope in Turkey and putting Islam in their place because Jesus is the Son of God, not a prophet. The audience seemed a bit shock but they came around to his comedy and began applauding again, after Stephen Colbert recited the Nicene Creed of all things! Stephen Colbert is a comedian that is the host of this show. It's basically a mock-news show of a clueless conservative playing to the crowds liberal sensibilities. I've been wary to say if he is orthodox in his Catholicism, but every little bit that I see of him brings me closer to the realization that he is at least an honest Catholic trying to practice our Catholic faith. Maybe even a practicing, dare I say, orthodox Catholic? One can only hope. To view the segment, "The WØRD", click here. (Hat Tip: College Catholic) UPDATED: Fidei Defensor over at College Catholic has an excellent roundup of the Colbert Catholic phenomenon, for the posting click here.


Anonymous said...

While I think it would be fair to say that Colbert is, politically speaking, a Liberal, he is indeed (as per the best evidence Google and Wikipedia can provide) a practicing Catholic...and a Sunday School teacher as well.

Anonymous said...

I think you are confusing Colbert the man and Colbert the personality you see on his show. The man you see on TV is an act. A parody of the mindless sheep that make up the "conservative right". When he says religious things on his show, it isn't to support those views, but to MOCK THEM, the fact that you don't get that makes it even more hilarious.

bgeorge77 said...


Colbert the Man is indeed a practicing Catholic and a Sunday school teacher.

Colbert the Character is a parody of the right, yes, but is also a parody of the left's expectations of the right. A simple parody isn't an interesting thing, but a multi-sided parody like Colbert the Character IS interesting. Your assumption is that if he's saying it, he means the opposite. Give the Man more credit than that, his Chacter is a work of comic genius. That you don't get it makes it all the more hilarious.

Anonymous said...


Ditto Ben.

Anonymous said...

The Colbert Report is a satire. His defense of the Pope and "putting Isam in it's place" was a comedy bit. It was meant to expose the rampant righeousness of some religious people.

Again, it is a SATIRE. None of us should take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

I am very hesitant to believe that Colbert is an orthodox Catholic. Gathering quotes he's made about his faith, I find hints of a cafeteria Catholic position.

In his own words, "I don't believe that I can't disagree with my church..."

here you can read an interview he had with Terry Gross of "Fresh Air," in which one gets the impression Colbert supports the use of birth control.


Matthew said...

I think he's a good guy. I find him really funny.

Anonymous said...


A satire it is. We do understand that it is a satire and we, as Catholics, appreciate the humor. We are amongst the most jolly of people because we like good humor, even at our expense.

I understand where you are coming from, but again, it is funny. We do know he is mocking us and we appreciate that as being humorous. You seem to think that we are dolts or clueless that this is done at our expense, and we know it is.

What you seem to fail to understand is that he mentions a bunch of Catholic 'buzz words' (so to speak) that only those that practice their Catholic faith can identify. So he gives himself away that at the very least he is knowledgeable (because we know he is a Catechist according to the NPR interview) and if knows that much it is fairly easy to discern that he does practice much of our beautiful Catholic faith if not all of it.

The rest is speculation as to him being a completely practicing Catholic and his orthodoxy. What we 'Catholic bloggers' do know is that if he's on the path towards learning more about the Catholic faith, eventually he will be orthodox as well.

God bless you Wiggin.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Colbert Anti-Christ?
:( I would hope not...

I have been a Colbert fan for some time now. I love his style and intellect but he makes Christians out to be idiots, using Bush as an example. (I hate Bush but he doesn't represent all) I am not religious but I respect that he is the most intelligible creature I have seen on a TV series. I will laugh at his jokes, but I will not trust him. Power drives people mad, no matter whom they are. Although his sarcasm is funny, I'd like to see at least one serious episode where he mentions spirituality. (But how would we know if he was being serious?!?) I would like to see what his eyes tell the nation. His sarcasm might be funny to me, but those whom it hurts are forced to make along like they know it's just a joke. I believe in balance and I'd like to see him be kind. I don't mean just handing a check over to some charity. Who knows what they do with that money anyway. If he were completely religious, he would accept that God created everything equal and that also means bears. Bears are not the only godless killing machines, humans can be so also. Though he is funny, there are certain things he does not budge from. Jokes he keeps sitting on untill they sink so deep into your head you start stating their intention without the sarcasm. He tears things apart so percisely that you don't know what to believe. Is he that mystery savior from Canada, Washington, France, Cali, or who knows where or is he a clever sadist using reverse psychology? Yes he told Bush to his face, and we thank him. But was he doing it only to turn us on to him? If we think he was isn't it just typical American behavior to bite the hand that feeds? If he wasn't how does he do it with such a big ego? His ego gluttonous. And even now I can think of being someone else reading this. I can imagine thinking " This girl doesn't know what she's talking about, she's such an idiot" Well think that way if you would- but tell me... Isn't it possible for either theories mentioned above to be within probability?

50/50 heads or tails... Who is Stephen Colbert?

Anonymous said...


Interesting comment. Interesting only because I couldn't tell if you were referring to Colbert or Bush (for a brief second it seemed you were referring to Jesus).

I think you meant Colbert.

Anyways, my opinion of him is that he thinks he knows what Catholicism is all about and at least goes through the motions correctly. At the very least some of the Catholicism may actually be affecting him to be a better Christians.

Nonetheless, only God and his family and friends know who he is. So this is only speculation.

God bless,


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