Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Genocide Recognized in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government has declared that the Communist era 'famine' in 1932-33 where 10 million Ukrainians were killed will be declared a genocide. Joseph Stalin attempted social engineering to subjugate the Ukrainian people to his communist ideals, ie, atheism.
Ukraine's parliament has voted in favour of declaring a Soviet-era famine an act of genocide against its people. Historians say Soviet leader Joseph Stalin created the famine, confiscating the harvest of Ukrainian peasants to force them to join collective farms. The bill was proposed by President Viktor Yushchenko, who wants the UN to also recognise the famine as genocide.
Now maybe the New York Times will send back the Pulitzer that Walter Duranty won for covering up the famine to promote his socialist and communist principals. To read the rest of the article click here. To read about the New York Times cover up of the genocide click here. UPDATED: Ukrainian Genocide recognized by Poland, for more click here.


humboldt said...

I have always wonder if the figures that have been given of victims of Communism during the beginning of the Communist revolution in the countries of the former Soviet Union are true. If they were, then how did the Soviet Union managed to survive since that represented a serious drop in population? 10 million ucranians at that time must have represented a very significant portion of the then ucranian population. Where are all those millions of people buried?, after all Stalin did not burn the bodies as the Nazis did-

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