Tuesday, November 14, 2006

St. Muggs

St. Muggs is the name given to Catholic convert Malcolm Muggeridge by the British press when he converted in 1983. Malcom Muggeridge was an ardent socialist who believed in social engineering and would have been a staunch communist if it hadn't been for his honest and investigative reporting. Working for the Manchester Guardian during the 1930s he was one of the few reporters that shed light on the manmade famines that Joseph Stalin created in his efforts to wipe out Ukrainian Catholics and Orthodox Christians. Stalin wanted to remove, read eliminate, any opposition to his plans of reengineering Soviet society to serve the State. The New York Times, many reporters, and misguided Christians were duped to the point of denying that an actual genocide was occuring in the Ukraine. Not Malcom Muggeridge. This was the beginning of his journey home to the Catholic faith.
His interest in things Christian led him to provide the first international publicity for the work of a tiny nun on the streets of Calcutta. He was convinced that there was something supernatural behind Mother Teresa and her Sisters of Charity. . . . He recognized that the Church was the only institution telling the truth about human sexuality and cited as evidence the disastrous marriage and family situations he saw all around him. Muggeridge knew his own need for the correction of his lust. He knew that men need to be surrounded by a culture and society and civilization that call them to the sacrifices of love, an atmosphere in which sex is not divorced from procreation. He was right about that, and he will always be right, because he took the side of the Catholic Church which will always be right about that.
Malcom Muggeridge died a Catholic today in 1990. To read more about Malcom Muggeridge click here.


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