Friday, November 10, 2006

What Bible Do You Read?

I personally like the Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition). Before reverting I used to carry the New American Bible, that's until I began to study more about my faith and pray more. I like the Douay-Rheims Bible but all those 'th''s really got me tongue-tied at times. That and leaving my mouth awfully dry. Seriously though, rather readeth withouteth all thoseths 'the''s because it makes for easier reading to me. Oh, and the pic above is what my Bible looks like the RSV Catholic Edition! (I borrowed the poll idea from Michael & Kat)


EC Gefroh said...

Do you know of a good Catholic Bible that is online? The one I am currently using is the one on the USCCB website but would prefer to use Douay-Rheims. I wanted to use the one below but they link to the Fatima Crusader, Maria Valtorta, SSPX, etc.

Al said...


New Advent has the Douay_Rheims on its site at:


You left out my favorite the 1966 edition of the Jerusalem Bible

Matt said...

you can also find the RSV here and Rheims New Testament here

I use the site, but I am uncomfortable with the views held there. I like it because they also have the Latin Vulgate available.


I only trust my Bible if it's in the Latin Vulgate, and hand coppied by monks. Sorry, I'm just particular. Haha

I only trust my Bible if it's in the Latin Vulgate, and hand coppied by monks. Sorry, I'm just particular. Haha

Matthew said...

You just reminded me that I have been wanting to post on Bible Translations and which ones are acceptable for Catholics.

I only have a New American Bible and a New Jerusalem. I hope to buy a RSV soon, though.

Unknown said...


I'm glad my buddy Matt was able to help.

Al & Moneybags,

I'm constantly learning more and more about our beautiful Catholic faith. I was unaware that the New Jerusalem Bible is also a popular Bible to read.


I was going to add the Vulgate, but since I haven't read it and I am completely in agreement with you about the original, but I wanted to know which 'English' translation is favored by my readers.


So tell me more about the New Jerusalem Bible if possible.

I plan to have another Bible poll in the future so I'll include the New Jerusalem Bible then if appropriate.

God bless,


Al said...


There are 2 editions of the Jerusalem Bible (JB), the original 1966 version & the Revised version. The problem I have with the new version is that it is somewhat politically correct in its use of inclusive language. But it isn't quite (but almost) as bad at it as is the revised New American Bible (NAB).

When the original lectionary came out in the early 70s for the USA there were 2 versions approved, the 1 using the NAB & 1 using the JB. The 1 using the JB was rarely used. Probably because the NAB copyright was owned by the USCCB.

Having taken 3 semesters of OT Hebrew I have to say that the OT of the JB seems to be fairly accurate.

The 1966 edition is the version I would recommend. It is only available in the Reader's edition (with minimal footnotes). Make sure you are sure it is the 1966 version.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the info.

On the next Bible poll I'll (try) to remember to include it.

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