Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Marian Warriors

It was a bloody scene this past Saturday morning as I lost track of the number of abortions that took place at the abortion mill on 3601 Fannin Street here in Houston. There were a total of four prayer warriors and one counselor onsite. There were more abortions than usual on this day. I had the counselor take our picture (the fourth prayer warrior showed up a few seconds after this pic was taken). I'm the one that is obscured by a University of St. Thomas student to my left and flanked on my right by a Knight of Columbus.



At what time and how often do you meet to pray before the abortion mill?

Yes, Michael and I are interested in joining you guys

Unknown said...

Michael & Kat,

We start at 8:30 AM. We also gather together for Mass at the Chapel of St. Basil which begins at 7:30 AM that is located on the University of St. Thomas campus (1100 W. Alabama).

After praying the Mysteries we head out for breakfast together.

If you guys do come, look for the tall, bald-headed guy with Sesame Street Bert-like eyebrows. That would be me.

Sometimes we have a small group of two or three, other times we have 10-12. A local Baptist church joins us holding up their banners and placards while we (Catholics) pray.

Houston Coalition for Life and Foundation for Life provide the sidewalk counselors.

Look forward to having you join us in praying the Mysteries of the Rosary!

God bless,


Look forward to seeing you all!


Thanks for the info. Can't make it this Saturday as we already have plans, but we will certainly meet up with you soon.

Unknown said...


Look forward to having more prayer warriors joining us. We're there every Saturday morning around the same time (depending on what time the 7:30 am Mass ends).

Have a great weekend.

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