Monday, November 13, 2006

Why the GOP Lost

Some of the reasons anyways. Congratulations goes to the party of Segregation and a bloody Civil War, the Democratic Party, for gaining control of the Senate with a Grand-Dragon Klansman from West Virginia and two non-Democrats (one of them a Socialist, the other a backstabbed Dem). Not to mention that a Hamas backed Muslim from Minnesota was elected to the House of Representatives.


uh gee. maybe people were just sick and tired of all the right winged religious hate tactics? any possibliy in that ?
democrats are evil and republicans are evil, only the republicans know how to be evil a little better.
and what better way than to recruite the mass's of ignorence that abounds from the christian nazis of the south ??

Unknown said...


Christian Nazi's in the south?


Anonymous said...


Have you seen his blog? What blasphemy!

Anna B.

Unknown said...


I just did.

He needs love and help.

gee anna. you asked me questions i gave you answers, factual evidence, and you all it blasphemy?,
and then TITO says. you say i need love and help??
again I say. Christ was GREAT its his followers that one has to be wary of. and your two statements just proved it.

oh one other thing tito.
contrary to what you just said to ANNA im VERY loved and have a lot of wonderful people in my life, i contribute generously to the poor and needy,and look for nothing in return.. ITs insprational acts like that which I got from observing Christs way of doing things.
so i dont know what " love and help" you are talkig about . but if your sideing with ANNA. it sorta answeres its own question..she cant even read what i wrote without turning it to some ignorant self absorbed statement..
thanks anyway. and lastly. i VERY HAPPY also. [ another dissapointment on your part huh???]

Unknown said...

I didn't say you weren't loved, I said you need love to. Not that you lack love, though this point is mute.

If you are truly looking for nothing in return then why are you advertising it in the comments section. Am I suppose to pat you on the back, which I certainly do appreciate your support and assistance of the poor.

No, I'm not disappointed. I would welcome you to my house for beers and a good chat if it were possible, but I'm not here to chastise you. I'm here to practice my faith and one expression of it is my blog.

Check this out:

God bless and please continue reading my blog.


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