Tuesday, December 27, 2005

EU Forcing Catholic Doctors to Abort

Hat tip to Seattle Catholic. The European Union is considering legislation to force Catholic doctors to perform abortions. Many EU bureaucrats believe that abortion is an 'International Human Right', hence their prerogative to force those that don't believe in taking an unborn child's life to go against their faith. For more on this click here.


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Murdering the child in the womb is an 'International Human Right'? Europe is becoming a really evil place and just think of all the holy saints who once lived there. It's no wonder that Pope John Paul II believed that the future of Catholicism was in the hands of the Americans.

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Nora (LV) said...

Well, it's disgusting: in Spain, last year 85.000 abortions took place.

But with politicians that intend to publish the EU in ways like this:

we are going nowhere. The link it's in Spanish but, nevertheless, you can understand it plainly.

By the way, I am also Catholic, and very interested in blogs like yours.

And thanks for linking me. I will link you right away: yous is marvellous. And I love the pictures.

Hopefully countries like Poland can resist the pressure to join the culture of death, you'd think the EU of all groups would be waking up to the demographic suicide they are committing any day now. Then again the secularist mentallity cares little for the future, if the total economic/cultural/political collapse of Europe isn't due for 50 years or so, then who cares?

Unknown said...

Doesn't matter, as long as they practice contraception, their numbers will dwindle. It may be a race with Islam as who can out-birth the other in keeping the Faith in Europe.

Franze said...

Very worrying what is happening, the democracy, the freedom in Europe is being raped, the "freedom of conscience" the first freedom

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