Monday, December 26, 2005

Religious-themed Christmas Cards on Rise

Nice to see the rise in Christian-themed Christmas cards being used during this Christmas season. Maybe the 'Christ' in Christmas has gained in importance and is surpassing the secular worlds idea of a materialistic Christmas. Hopefully this is another chink in the Culture Wars with liberals and the ACLU. For more click here.


Anonymous said...

Chrisitans are Murderers.
The Rise of the Heathen Religions is at Hand.
We Will See the Downfall of your pitiful religion and its Faith Soon

Unknown said...

Didn't the John Kerry and the Democrats lose the 2004 Presidential elections?

Yeah, the heathen religions of liberalism, socialism, hedonism, and secularism are resting their hopes on Hilary Clinton.

Good luck.

Matthew said...

I only got one religious card this Christmas, but I was pleased to send out only religious cards. You can't take Christ out of Christmas.

annewalker said...

Awww this is pretty cool. You said the religious-themed christmas card are on the rise but in my area, there are not so much samples. so I just create my own, just use religious photos for Christmas cards. I also write some christian Christmas messages on them too. Merry Christmas!

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