Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New San Francisco Archbishop

Hat tip goes to Quintero of L.A. Catholic. In a recent discussion with a favorite priest of mine, the discussion was about Pope Benedict XVI's appointment to his old post, Archbishop Levada of San Francisco. The discussion was about how orthodox his Grace was. Nonetheless, his replacement for the San Francisco bishopric seems to be another step down. In a posting on L.A. Catholic, we have proof of how 'liturgical' Bishop George Niederauer is who will step into the role of Archbishop of San Francisco. Ironically enough, Bishop George Niederauer were seminary classmates with Archbishop Mahoney. Seems like the 'spirit' of Vatican II is alive and well in California. Cafeteria Catholics should be happy with the knowledge Bishop Niederauer disagrees and is in direct opposition to how the Vatican deals with the problem of pedophiliac homosexuals in the priesthood. For more click of L.A. Catholic's posting click here. For more on Bishop Niederauer's support of homosexuality in the priesthood click here. For Domenico's posting from Bettnet.com click here. For dancing tips click here.


Keep opening fire in this New Crusade, Conde. The Church needs strong men who aren't afraid to tell the truth!

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...


Thanks, you to are doing your bit as well. Prayer is always the most powerful weapon.

Let us pray for wayward priests, Bishops, Archbishops and the proponents of the Culture of Death.

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