Friday, December 16, 2005

Iran and Armageddon

In shi'iah Islam they believe a 12th imam will rise and rule the world or some kwanzaa made up stuff like that. My brain is lazy tonight, but I wanted to write on President Ahmadinejad and his race towards the destruction of the world between him and Dr. Evil. Anyways, a few political analysts are coming around to what I've been musing about these past few months on President Ahmadinejads rants on destroying Israel and Iran's race towards nuclear weapons. Charles Krauthammer wrote in RealClearPolitics about the combination of Iran's anti-Semitic rhetoric and Irans nuclear program. For more click here.


Quo Vadis said...

He sure is giving Israel justification for an air strike. Even the French will be hard pressed to complain more than their usual knee jerk reaction.

Unknown said...

The French will complain regardless. It's in their 'Cartesian' thinking.

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