Friday, December 2, 2005

Homosexual Behavior Fuels AIDS Epidemic

Great posting by Kathy Shaidle of Relapsed Catholic. Here she posts about the hypocrisy of the battle against AIDS. How the U.S. homosexual lobby is sacrificing lives in order to prevent the spotlight to turn on perverse sexual behavior (which fuels the increase of HIV positive victims, ipso facto, AIDS victims.) "Two decades ago, American AIDS activists came up with the slogan, 'Silence = Death.' But the issue, in practice, wasn't talking about AIDS, but rather doing something about AIDS. So the American slogan became, in effect, 'Behavior Change = Life. And the biggest single life-saving change, back then, was behavioral restraint. Gay bathhouses were shut down, and millions of Americans, many of them gay, changed their sexual patterns: They got serious about condoms, safe sex, or outright abstinence. Were these changes tough to live by? Sure. But they beat the alternative. Let's face it: Just as quarantining worked in the past -- remember leper colonies? -- so the same basic idea, of separating oneself from the threat, works today." "The AIDS Establishment has made its choice apparent to all: It puts freedom, most obviously sexual freedom, ahead of strict public health measures. That is, the preservation of the Sexual Revolution matters more than people's lives. That disturbing reality came clear to me last summer at the World AIDS Summit in Bangkok, in which brazen sexual braggadocio overwhelmed modesty, let alone safety. And yes, it does seem that AIDS activists are better at announcing holidays and staging summits than stymieing the disease..." For the rest of this posting click here.


Anonymous said...

You're more likely to get AIDs/HIV if you're heterosexual.

You can get AIDs/HIV sex from anal and vaginal sex.

Rainbow, where are the facts on that?

Anonymous said...

Baseless I take it. I will pray for rainbows conversion.

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