Friday, December 2, 2005

Killing Babies Made Legal in Hawaii

You read the title correctly, on November 29th, the Hawaii Supreme Court in a unanimous decision has given mothers everywhere in Hawaii the legal right to kill their own unborn children. How repugnant. Beautiful Hawaii has lost a little of its innocence today. My home, the place where I grew up has turned its back on the protection of life and has made a turn towards the Culture of Death. I am stunned by this decision. What makes this story morally disgusting is that anyone who is not the mother can be prosecuted in the death of an unborn child, but not the mother. The logic here is simply so out of whack that I am at a loss for words. Not since Governor Ben Cayetano ran for reelection have I been ever more disgusted with politics in Hawaii. It is not easy to be upset with anything related to Hawaii, but this did it for me. I don't know what I can do outside of prayer, but something will be done to eventually reverse this horrible court decision. Tayshea Aiwohi smoked crystal methaphetamines during her pregnancy. Tayshea Aiwohi allegedly admitted to using the drugs for three days before the birth and took a "hit" on the morning her son was delivered. Tayshea Aiwohi gave birth to her son Treyson on July 15, 2001, but he died two days later of what city medical examiner's office found was high levels of methamphetamine and amphetamine in his system. Her husband is happy about the decision and said his son could finally rest in peace. Boy is he and his troubled wife in for a whopper when they meet their maker at the Gates of St. Peter. For the Honolulu Advertiser story click here. For a comprehensive review of the court case and surrounding issues on WorldNetDaily click here. For the blogosphere reaction click here and here.


Anonymous said...

Whatever ....

These people are spiritually sick and are in desperate need of prayer. Our culture of death can be converted into a culture of life through the power of prayer, fasting, education -- teaching others the truth, refuting the lies, and our active participation in this battle of good vs. evil. The fact that this is happening is a reflection on the indifference in our society toward abortion. Not enough of us are doing our part -- everything we can possibly do-- to overcome this evil and we all have an active role to play.

God bless you,

Do you suppose there's any connection between the story here and this one -- 44 Acres of Coastline Collapse in Hawaii?

I'm just curious as to what your opinion is.


Anonymous said...


It says that page is no longer available.

I agree completely, they are spiritually poor in spirit and morally empty in theology.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

While I too do not advocate unneeded abortion, you must open your minds to the truth and admit that in cases, rape especially, the woman may be living in poverty and cannot even feed herself, much less a child. Are you saying that it's better to go through the pain of child birth just to end up starving to death, as well as your child starving to death? You make me sick. I have hardly seen such cruelty to innocent women and children.

Anonymous said...

The child was innocent, the mother was not.

Who is sick now?

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