Friday, December 16, 2005

Futbol arrives in Houston

They say that soccer, also know outside the U.S. as football (and football in the U.S. referred to as American football), is almost like a religion. Well Houston futbol fans, we have our own Major League soccer team! The Earthquakes of San Jose are relocating to Houston and me and about a million documented and undocumented workers couldn't be anymore happier. Yes, I am a huge sports fan and I enjoy sporting events (attending them, not watching them on tv). So I need to practice my 'ole' songs and bust out my Real Madrid scarf (hopefully Houston will have their own) and start going maniacal for the second most boring sport on the planet (second only to baseblows). Woo hoo! I mean, Viva Houston! Now if we can only lure David Beckham here everything will be all rosy! For more click here. For Houstons official MLS weblink click here.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Real Madrid and Beckham are so passe...
Get out your yellow & green soccer jersey and cheer for Ronaldinho and Brazil

Unknown said...

Brazil?! They can't even spell their own country's name correctly! (hint to guilty white liberals, it's a joke).

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