Monday, December 19, 2005

UPDATE on USCCB Brokeback Breakdown Movie Review

Update: Seattle Catholic has a nice follow up on the schizophrenic (c)over(up)view of Brokeback Mountain by the USCCB. "An arm of the USCCB has once again reminded us of the nature and depth of the problem for orthodox Catholics here in the United States. In a recent movie review, a USCCB movie-reviewer conveyed adulation for a movie that promotes homosexuality, adultery, drug use and more. At the end of the review, the reviewer chose to give the film a rating of "L", which means it is suitable for adults, even though there may be aspects to the movie that adults "may find troubling." ("Troubling", is that all sodomy and adultery have become?) However, due to the almost immediate response (i.e. pleasant surprise from the pro-homosexual lobby and anger from orthodox Catholics), they changed the rating to "O", the lowest rating, which denotes "morally offensive". Nonetheless, this arm of the USCCB kept the review itself intact (below)." For more on this click here and here.


More often than not, whenever I read something put out by the USCCB... the phrase "smoke of satan" comes to mind.

Hmmm... I wonder why? *evil grin!*

Anonymous said...

Must be the gray area that is produced when the hell fires reduce heretics to ashes and all that is left is the smoke that leaves a gray area.


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