Monday, March 13, 2006

Archbishop DiNardo's First Message

His eminence Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo recently posted his first message. He congratulated Archbishop Fiorenza, whom he succeeded, for his outstanding leadership and guidance. He went on to mention various groups and organizations and thanking them for their hard work and diligence. One thing of note is one of Archbishop DiNardo's goals is to increase the number of vocations in the archdiocese. Let us all pray for this goal to come to full fruition! (H/T Built on a Rock)


Anonymous said...

"Eminence" is the honorific for a cardinal; bishops and archbishops are referred to as "excellency."

Hopefully, your new Archbishop realizes that young men are drawn to substance rooted in absolutes, vice novelty rooted in relativism.

Unknown said...


Thanks! I just love little tidbits of information such as that, no matter how little the import.


Only time will tell. But from the Houston grapevine, he's already off to a great start!

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