Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who Is Abdul Rahman?

Abdul Rahman is an Afghan who converted to Christianity 16 years ago while working for an international Christian group helping Afghan refugees as a medical aid worker. Muslim clerics in Afghanistan, even the moderate clerics, have asked for his beheading, ie, execution. This is nothing new coming from the alleged religion of peace, Islam.

In Islam, according to the Hadith (a collection of sayings by Muhammad), Muhammad says "Kill whoever changes his religion,". In Sharia law the penalty for leaving Islam, apostasy, is execution for men and life imprisonment for women. International pressure, especially from the West, is bearing down on President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan to prevent Abdul Rahman's execution. From Canada, Australia, and the United States, world leaders everywhere are asking for clemency. Even Pope Benedict XVI has sent a letter asking for Abdul Rahman's pardon written by Cardinal Angelo Sodano. Rumors have been spreading around the blogosphere of a possible release for Abdul Rahman. Hopefully this will come to pass. The plight of Christians everywhere in the Islamic world face severe hardships because of their faith. Let us continue to pray for Abdul Rahman and the many other Christians who are suffering at the hands of Muslims. For an excellent posting on Abdul Rahman, click here. For information concerning Pope Benedict XVI's appeal click here. For previous postings on Abdul Rahman click here and here.

To learn more about apostasy in Islam click here.


Anonymous said...

Religious right,

We as Christians shouldn't persecute anyone for whatever reasons, even if that person has homosexual inclinations.

We as Gods children need to love one another, just as He would love us.

God bless.

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