Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Noble Crusades

Ever since Pope John Paul the Great gave a non-apology to the Muslim world about the Crusades, there were many, including me, that protested to anything coming close to an apology about the Crusades. Then the 'Kingdom of Heaven' came out and it only added fuel to the fire of discontent about the 'perception' on the Crusades. For those needing insight, the Crusades were a defensive action to the Muslim persecution of Christians and further encroachment into Christendom. Before the Middle East was Muslim it was Christian. The Muslims swept into the Middle East and subjugated, taxed, and killed many Christians under their rule. The final straw came with the destruction of the Christian Holy places and the murder, rape, and enslavement of Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem. Thus the Crusades came into being to free the Holy land from the Muslim yoke. The rest is history, but an incorrect view of history. Now that Pope Benedict XVI is in St. Peter's throne the Catholic Church is beginning to counter the revisionist history that the Crusades were barbaric, cruel, and unjust. The Vatican has made moves to explain the Crusaders by sponsoring a conference. This is the first step in debunking liberal revisionist history. For more on this click here.


I had a "religion" class at college the teacher used the Crusades, Inquisition, and Holocaust (yes this was somehow our fault) as sort of an "AHA take that Catholicism!"

Any time I tried to defend the Crsuades I was reminded that even the Pope "apologized for them." Not true!

I say long live the memory of the Crusades. When else in history did the noble and powerful risk their lives and money so readily for an ideal?

Great Post!

Anonymous said...

This will be useful, I think, in another rebuttal I have to publish against a prof on campus. Thanks for the info!

Also, you might appreciate this -- the full text of Chesterton's "The Catholic Church and Conversion" is available online.

Anonymous said...

If you’re willing to “brave” a traditionalist web site, there’s a good write-up about defending the Crusades here:


Thank you for posting this; I linked it from my blog.

Anonymous said...

FD, Kenneth K, and Cantor,

Thanks for those kind comments. I wanted to say more but I know there are many who read the blog who would have not understand many of the details about the Crusades. That is why I tried my best to 'briefly' capsulate the truth about our history.

God bless you all.

Dad29 said...

The Pope was well within bounds when he apologized for "sins" committed by the somewhat overzealous Christians of the 3rd (4th?) crusade.

But he did NOT "apologize" for the Crusades, per se...

Anonymous said...


That is right Dad29.

Too many people, including Catholics and the mainstream media, continue to mischaracterize JPII's non-apology.

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