Thursday, March 16, 2006

Homosexual Marriage Leads to Polygamy

The liberals say, "how does my homosexual relationship harm your marriage?", when pushing for legal recognition of homosexual partners to that of marriage. In many instances, even wanting to redefine marriage itself has a committed relationship between two people, as opposed to the millennia old, a marriage between a man and a woman. I'm just homophobic you say? When has homosexual sex contributed to society in any positive way? When has homosexual sex become a right? The definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. The homosexual lobby along with NAMBLA and man-hating feminists want to hijack our way of life in order to get recognition and respect to live their deviant lifestyles. I would like to know how recognizing harmful and unstable relationships can contribute to the safety and security of my family, my country, and my way of life? Especially when this deviant lifestyle of homosexuality and beastiality has contributed to the spread of STD's, HIV, and Aids. I just don't want to worry about a new epidemic wide disease promulgated and spread by those that practice a deviant lifestyle that doesn't contribute to society in any way, shape, or form. What benefit is there? It isn't natural and it certainly hasn't contributed anything constructive to our way of life in living memory. There is a reason why these deviant lifestyles have not ever been recognized (and hopefully stay that way). It's because they aren't natural. Man and woman were created for each other. To procreate and continue human civilization. Tell me if any other deviant lifestyle can say the same. The legalization of homosexual 'marriage' will lead us down the path of ruin. What next? Polygamy being recognized? Why not beastiality? People love their pets, why should we discriminate against canines and felines? I don't want to be called an anti-canine or anti-feline. This slippery slope is coming, and we should all bear down and get our culture back from those liberals and sexual deviants that want to normalize sick behavior. There is a reason why we have religion, civic and natural laws. It is for the survival of the human race. One day we'll all wake up and will be accepting of everything under the sun but stand for nothing. For more on this article click here.


Anonymous said...

Their arguments to get married are because they love each other. But those arguments are also used by the polygamists, which is illegal in this country. Why? Because heterosexual marriage is the only true form of marriage that fully benefits society. This link has a very lengthy but thorough dissertation on this topic.

Lastly, to quote Father Corapi, "I love homosexual people. They are very beautiful people because they have the same calling as I do. The call to chastity." May God bless them in their struggle to carry that cross.

Unknown said...

Amen brother!

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