Monday, March 13, 2006

Opie Rejects Disclaimer to Da Vinci Film

Director Ron Howard and Sony, of the Da Vinci Code, has rejected the request by the Catholic League, a Catholic religious and civil rights league, for putting a disclaimer that the Da Vinci Code movie is fiction. Contrary to other movies Ron Howard and Sony have run disclaimers to 'The Merchant of Venice' and 'A Beautiful Mind'. This goes to prove that Ron Howard is a hypocrite and his true intentions (partly) in filming this movie was to discredit our Catholic faith. For more click here.


Damn straight. Excellent post Conde.

Anonymous said...

Thank CSM.

It really rankles me when I come across hypocritical news such as this-about Ron Howard having a double standard.

Anonymous said...

Ron Howard is not a hypocrite, Ron Howard does not want to discredit the Catholic Faith. He just wants to make an entertaining film, he does not want to harm any religion. I am a Catholic and I will be seeing the movie.

Anonymous said...


If that were the case, why is there no disclaimer?

If you're going to watch the film, at least educate yourself on your faith a bit more before making a rash decision.

Remember, the eighth commandment of bearing false witness.

That's if you were actually a Catholic you would know what I was talking about.

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