Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pterodactyl for Friday

Today's a slow day so I'll throw in this silly question for the day. Assuming we had Catholicism, dinosaurs, and humans back in the Cretaceous period all at once. If there was no dispensation from the local bishop, is it ok for a caveman to eat pterodactyl on Friday's during Lent? Note: Now pterodactyl's were reptiles, even though they could fly, so that would make them cold blooded creatures; which technically would be ok to eat on Friday's because we are not allowed to eat warm blooded animals. Assuming that the caveman is in a post-Trent environment of the Latin rite is it ok to eat pterodactyl?


Hell no. No self respecting Catholic Caveman would be knockin' back any pterodactyl during Lent. I don't don't give a damn how many bishops granted dispensations for even Corned Pterodactyl

Unknown said...

Yeah, I didn't eat any meat as well yesterday (Friday), regardless of the dispensation.

Stella said...

I try not to eat anything that looks as disgusting as a pterodactyl. So eating it AT ALL would be a worse penance for me than going without steak/hamburgers for three years.

Still, to be in the spirit of Lent, it would be nice to abstain. Talk about random, where'd you come up with that?

Unknown said...

Some of my more 'academic' Catholic friends go to great pains in explaining the reasons for Lent. On obstaining, citing old Catholic documents that I thought that I would mock them, in a friendly manner, their seriousness.

It's fine to be serious, but going into semantics, the meanings of certain words, indulgances, dispensations, etc, etc, it got to be mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the majority of respondees, (Lent or no Lent I abstain from meat). Besides Pterodactyls are fatty and their meat is tough and taste like tuna except that tuna tastes better.

Unknown said...


If you put Cholula hot sauce on Pterodactyl it makes a WHOLE lot of difference.


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