Friday, March 10, 2006

Turkish Tolerance

With the assassination of Father Andrea Santoro last month in Turkey by (an alleged) young Kurd, the spotlight has focused on Turkey and it's treatment of non-Muslims. Today non-Muslims make up barely 1% of all Turkish citizens, yet the media, government, and military still treat non-Muslims like 2nd rate citizens. From the Greek Orthodox expulsions from Istanbul to the invasion of Cyprus and the expulsion of even more Greek Orthodox Cypriots from northern Cyprus. Case in point is to the Islamicization of northern Cyprus. The destruction of Christian relics. Turning Churches into horse stables or mosques and whitewashing anything non-Turkish from the walls of the former Greek towns of northern Cyprus. I've posted before, but it is important to remember this, especially when Turkey is wanting to enter the EU as a member state with full status. For the excellent www.chiesa article on Christianity obliterated in Turkey click here. For previous articles click here, here, and here.


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