Thursday, March 2, 2006

The Myths of Cohabitation

Concerned Women for America has a great article on the myths of cohabitation. Here are just a synopsis of each myth by Janice Shaw Crouse of the Beverly LaHaye Institute: Myth #1: Living together is good way to "test the water." Many couples say that they want to live together to see if they are compatible, not realizing that cohabitation is more a preparation for divorce than a way to strengthen the likelihood of a successful marriage. Myth #2: Couples don't really need that "piece of paper." A major problem with cohabitation is that it is a tentative arrangement that lacks stability; no one can depend upon the relationship -- not the partners, not the children, not the community, nor the society. Myth #3: Cohabiting relationships usually lead to marriage. During the 1970s, about 60 percent of cohabiting couples married each other within three years, but this proportion has since declined to less than 40 percent. Myth #4: Cohabiting relationships are more egalitarian than marriage. It is common knowledge that women and children suffer more poverty after a cohabiting relationship breaks up, but it's not so well understood that there is typically an economic imbalance in favor of the man within such relationships, too. For more on this click here. For Swedens Big Lie about cohabitation click here. For the proverbial slippery slope effect of cohabitation click here.


Stella said...

I think I have heard just about all of these charming myths before. Once I worked with a girl who was Cohabiting with her "fiance" (She was very ticked off when I called him her boyfriend). So far they had been at it 14 years. With no "immediate" plans. And against myth #1, it is NOT a good way to test the water because you have twice the problems and no sacrimental grace to help you through.

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Can I send my son over to talk to you? (He is getting married the middle of May, though... sigh)

Unknown said...


Pray. Prayer is a powerful tool. We all have sinned in one way or another; and prayer helps us get back on the straight and narrow towards happiness. As for others, prayer is the most potent weapon available in the conversion of others. Whether it takes two weeks, two years, or two decades, prayer will win the day.

I'm speaking from my own personal experience and it is a wonderful tool to posses.

God bless and I'll pray for your son.

St Monica is an example to me... she prayed long and hard for Augustine, and look what became of him.

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