Monday, March 27, 2006

Correlation Between Contraception And Divorce

I came across a University of Chicago Study that investigated if there were any correlations that can determine the cause of divorce. The study was done to figure out why divorce rates soared after the introduction of the birth control pill. Suprisingly the strongest correlation was the use of contraception which correlated at greater than 50%. Ironically, those that have never used contraception and used only Natural Family Planning (NFP), had a less than 0.2% of divorce. Even those that contraception in premarital sex, but exclusively used NFP after they got married, the correlation rises slightly to less than 5%. Natural Family Planning, it is a wonderful thing! Here are the rest of the statistics: - Changes in divorce laws: No Positive Relationship (NPR) - Unemployment: NPR - Military Manpower: NPR - Public Assistance Variables: 10% - Income Variables: 23% - Age composition Variables: 25% - Contraception Diffusion: >50% - Unaccounted: 6%


Anonymous said...

But is this a chicken and egg thing? Does NFP prevent divorce, or do those with already rock solid marriages use NFP?

Unknown said...

You can still have a rock solid marriage and not use NFP, but it's less than a 50% chance. Those using only NFP have a divorce rate of less than 0.2%.

I understand the contraception correlation, but do not believe that the change in divorce laws in the same year that Roe V Wade became the law of the land does not have a lot to do with the drastic increase in the number of divorces. Both came about in 1973, and both increased tremendously (RvW Jan 22, 73 and The Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act Aug 2, 73.)

Prior to the change, one could contest a divorce and win, or it may never get off the ground. Now, once those papers are served, the respondent has no defense. It is a done deal unless the Petitioner stops the proceedings. It is forced, unlateral no fault. That means that the unfaithful partner can file, and can be rewarded for it by gaining freedom with half the assests, and often, the children and home to boot.
Contraception aids in the 'me' thinking that can lead to divorce, but with it being so much easier to get one, there has to be a correlation there, too, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Contraception serves to feed selfish mentalities.

Sarcasm - "I want all the sex and pleasure I can get without any commitment . You are an object for my pleasure and I'll use you as I want. Don't need any bothersome kids to hold me down because as you know its all about me anyway.

How can a relationship based on this premise ever be fruitful and wholesome?
It can't and never will. Contraception will always serve as a barrier between married partners.

Lets not even touch the subject of fornication.

Stella said...

Kevin, I totally agree with you. What gets me is that Planned Parenthood favorite song is, "Widespread contraceptive options and legalized abortion at any period will help women to take control of their lives." It makes it much easier for their boyfriends or husbands to control them (all the fun and no responsibility, there's tons of quick fixes for the disease of pregnancy.) Not a good foundation for a succesful relationship. Who suffers? Everyone- but the woman first.

Unknown said...

Agreed Stella.

No matter how many times a boyfriend or husband tells you that they love you, to them you are loved AND an object (best case scenario, worst case you're just simply an object). To the woman, it is love, but in the end, she loses out first and foremost.

Dutch said...

Anyone have a link to the journal article. I am super interested and need it ASAP please! Thanks!


I hope this link helps:


Kimberley said...

As Tony suggested, actual causality is not established in any of the studies linking birth control with divorce.

There is indeed a rise in divorce, and there is also a rise in the use of contraception, but it's foolish to ignore the far more pressing issues that we KNOW are behind divorce. If you care to decrease the rate of divorce, you'd be wiser by far to aim your efforts at reclaiming respect for this sacred commitment and helping dysfunctional families and couples to better heal their wounded relationships. Our popular culture has enscribed the image of storybook romances upon the minds of a gullible public--the reality of marriage is rarely seen, much less understood, by many.

I am not a Catholic, but I cherish children deeply. However, because I suffer from seizures that are, fortunately, controlled by three different medications that I must take three times each day, my husband and I chose not to have children. We have been deeply in love for 22 years, married for 15 of them (we were young when we first met), and are often cited by others as one of the strongest marriages they have seen. *blush*

Let's get past this "contraception = divorce" nonsense and move on to the real issues at hand.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Could you post the link to the Chicago Study cited above? The stats look correct from other article I've read. An economist would like to quote this study and asked me for the link.
Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

Ok, so women should just become breed mares that stay at home all day with 15 children drooling all over everything. Apparently contraception also gives us financial independence and that's a big NO NO because if for some reason the marriage fails, we're financially tied down to our husbands and 24 kids so that's a good thing. Who cares about our happiness! I mean as long were not divorced and continue to pop out babies every year! Oh yeah and we can't forget that contraception leads to more abortions! Just like fire extinguishers lead to more fires!

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