Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Orthodoxy Strikes Back!

A group of Catholic lay fathers who are fed up with the heterodoxy running rampant in the archdiocese in Minnesota have formed the Dan O'Connell society. This group's website explains that "For an atheistic culture, celibacy is incomprehensible - and unnatural. But for Catholics, we know our nature is fulfilled by love for God our Father. Our purity codes could not match the splendor of our message if they were easy. Celibacy is difficult, but it marks the priesthood with a spiritual focus, pursued in imitation and anticipation of Christ. Our priests take on a difficult discipline, but it allows them to lead the laity in other difficult disciplines that the world says can't be done - daily prayer, communal fasting and worship, faithful marriage and teenage virginity." Recent news of Archbishop Harry Flynn's censuring of an orthodox priest and the turning of a blind eye to the blatant heterodoxy being taught and homosexual subculture his eminency refuses to address has forced this group to form and assist in reforming the gomorrah-like archdiocese. For the groups website click here. (http://www.docsociety.org/) For more information about this group click here. For a previous posting regarding the censuring of orthodoxy in this Minnesota archdiocese click here.


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