Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Ongoing Conversion of Mike S. Adams

Mike S. Adams is a professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington as well as a columnist for Recently he wrote a column about how a website funded by Georgia Tech helped him decide to become a Southern Baptist (according to his article he seems to be still discerning so he may not really be a Southern Baptist just yet). You see Mr. Adams is a member of the United Methodist Church and on this Georgia Tech website, which is taxpayer supported, it said this about the Methodists concerning homosexuality:
"...These congregations perform same-sex ceremonies, although theoretically they can get in trouble for doing so, and they are welcoming communities for people of all sexual orientations."
He continued to see what it said about other denominations and seems to have settled for the Southern Baptists because of their conservative stance on homosexuality. Interestingly enough, this website had this to say about our Catholic Church:
"...While the letter said fundamental rights of homosexual men and women were to be respected and defended, it insisted sexual intimacy be limited to man and wife in a marriage."
Mike's response? Not bad. Not bad at all. Let us all pray for his conversion to the Catholic Church. For more on this article click here. For more on Mike S. Adams click here. For more about the Catholic Church click here.


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