Monday, May 8, 2006

Belgian Churches Turned Into Virtual Mosques

Thanks to the benign leadership of Godfried Cardinal Daneels, or lack thereof, many churches in Belgium are being coopted and 'occupied' by Muslim squatters. Muslims are building tents inside these very churches (and cathedrals) right before the eyes of the Catholic Church in Belgium. Cardinal Daneels, who is know for his liberal leanings, isn't blinking an eye and in many cases is encouraging these 'occupations'. The picture above is taken from the Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Church with the green Islamic banner in clear view in the upper righthand corner of the picture. The script on the green banner read 'Allah' in Arabic. This is a sacrilegious offense to all Christians, especially God himself (allegedly Allah means god in Arabic, but the God I know wouldn't condone 9/11 and the Beslan massacre). I am very offended by these pictures in this article as well as deeply saddened that the Christian nation of Belgium has accepted dhimmitude so quickly. Already Muslim youths make up over 50% of the children in the major cities of Belgium and the Netherlands and within 20 years time I wouldn't be surprised that the most liberal of nations in Europe is turned into a caliphate by the religion of peace. (H/T The Brussels Journal via Seattle Catholic) For more on this article click here. For more in the rise of radical Islam in Europe click here. To learn more about the religion of peace click here. To learn more about the dhimmitude of Europeans click here.


Anonymous said...

How sad is that?!?! Constantinople was once the center of the early Christian faith, with the grand cathedral St. Sophia standing as a testament to that. When the Turks invaded in the 1400's, they converted St. Sophia to a mosque, covering up all the beautiful mosaics and frescos with plaster. I've actually been there, and only just 70 years ago, they have made it into a museum and began removing the plaster, revealing a Christian faith that no longer exists there.
Now, I see what this Cardinal is doing there in Brussels, and he is doing the same thing as the Turks, denying Christ by covering up the statues and altars, much like how Peter denied Christ by the fireside. My only hope is that this Cardinal hears the cock crow and realizes the errors of his ways.


The Church, the last bastion of defense for western civilization, capitualating like this is an awfully depressing sight.

Some how I don't think I'd last long if I started living in a Mosque and put up a crucifix and a statue of Our Lady of Victory or St. Micheal the Archangel.

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