Sunday, May 7, 2006

Houston Chronicle Editorial On Religion

The Houston Chronicle has decided to report on the rumors that the Vatican is going to issue a ruling on the use of condoms between married couples in the prevention of the spread of AIDS from one spouse to the other. Reading through the article it is apparent that the editor is not informed, if any, at the way the Holy Spirit guides the Catholic Church. The way the editor wrote this column shows me his or her complete misunderstanding of the machinations of the Church. It is easily inferred that this editor is a pro-choice writer and probably left of center, if not completely liberal, in his or her political leanings. Item number one: The Vatican is not mulling over whether to update its teaching on condoms. In fact, Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo of the Pontifical Council for the Family said in the country of Columbia's Radio Cadena Nacional, that the Vatican "maintains unmodified the teaching on condoms". Cardinal Trujillo then went on to say that Pope Benedict XVI "has not called for any studies on altering the prohibition against condom use". Item number two: What this editor thinks is a 'mulling over' is actually the internal reaction to Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini's inappropriate remarks concerning condoms. The rebuke will come and it won't be pretty for Cardinal Martini, thus far the Cardinal hasn't received any good reaction from anyone from inside the Vatican. Item number three: The Pope did not 'unambiguously' declare that couples cannot use condoms in the 1960's study of contraception. The Pope upheld Church teachings on the sanctity of life without ambiguity by issuing the encyclical Humanae Vitae. Item number four: Catholic tradition has not ever chosen the 'lesser evil'. Nowhere has the Catholic Church wavered at all since Jesus established the Church with St. Peter that choosing the 'lesser evil' is even implied nor inferred. Item number five: Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini being a 'deeply respected theologian' is a matter of opinion and he was not the 'alternate' candidate to being the next pope after Pope John Paul II. Any speculation on the way the ballot count in the conclave is just that, speculation since it is done officially and intentionally in secrecy. Any speculation is pure hearsay at best, rumor and gossip at worst. This editor needs to learn more about his or her faith, assuming it is Catholicism, before making inappropriate remarks that are both misleading and grossly incorrect. At least get a better 'inside' informer. Oh, one more thing, you all need to learn how to spell 'balloon' with two 'l's not one. (H/T For more on this poorly researched editorial click here. For more of Cardinal Trujillo's confirmation of Church teaching and emphasizing that their is no review, official or unofficial, of current teaching click here. For more on Jesus's teachings on contraception, ie, Humanae Vitae, click here.


The first day I saw press releases coming out about this I noticed 1 article that accurately represented the teaching of the Church and 221 that said something along the lines of "Church poised to change teaching on birth control"

Blog entry on AIDS and condom use

Excellent point on number four. While the Church accepts that sometimes we must accept the temporary existence of a lesser evil, we must never DO evil, even to achieve a good result.

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