Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pope St. Leo The Great Turns Back Attila The Hun

This is a great moment in history. I couldn't find the exact date of when Pope Leo persuaded Attila to turn back from sacking Rome, but I believe it was during the Spring of 452 A.D. Pope St. Leo the Great was an eloquent writer and an excellent theologian. Attila united most of the Hun tribes, who were descendents of earlier Huns from the Mongol steppes, in what is now Hungary and attacked both Roman Empires (Eastern and Western). He put the fear of God in all of the Roman Empire and was integral in the continual decline of it. We Catholics should remember Pope St. Leo the Great for this monumental achievement. Done without an army at his side, but simple persuasion. It also didn't hurt to have the Archangel Michael by his side when Pope St. Leo the Great confronted Attila.


Having St. Micheal at his side means he had the best army possible with him, period.

It is smart that the Huns turned back after talking to the Pope, I am sure had they attacked the city they would have been struck down, possibly by disease, much like the armies that attacked Jeruselm in Old Tesstiment times.

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