Tuesday, May 2, 2006

European Union Totalitarianism

The European Union (EU) is raising their brand of totalitarianism by 'forcing' and 'imposing' legislation upon the Catholic nations of Poland, Malta, and Italy. The EU wants to force homosexual marriage upon these Catholic countries to bring their own vision of the future. The freedoms of these Catholic countries are being curtailed by bringing a deviant lifestyle against the wishes of these democratically elected governments. This is another dark chapter on the European continent at its relentless pursuit to destroy the last remnants of Christian culture by acquiescing to Islamic protests such as the recent French Intifadah and wiping out all vestiges of Christian culture by imposing laws against the wills of sovereignly elected governments. For more on this dark development click here.


Just a thought...

In America left wing activists console them self after their defeats in elections concerning gay marriage by saying something along the lines of,

"Young people in America are fine with gay marriage, its the old people who aren't, that is why they are in such a rush to ban it, the clock is ticking for them."

While in Europe on the other hand, they are in a rush to legalize gay marriage beacuse in a generation or two the Muslims will be enough of a political force to stop it.

What the forget is that high birthrates among religious conservatives is not a muslim phenomina. As long as Catholic parents here can prevent their kids from being warped by the media and certain educators the future is bright.

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