Friday, May 12, 2006

Father Altier Banished

Father Altier criticized the new sex ed books being utilized by Catholic schools in a predominantly liberal archdiocese. He subsequently was put on 'break' and now has been 'reassigned'. Since Archbishop Flynn asked Father Altier to take a break from posting his homilies online, ie, silenced, he has now banished Father Altier from one of the most prestigious parishes in Minnesota to an old folks nursing home. I pray for the borderline anathema archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis. For more on this article click here.


Matthew said...

I plan on visiting Minneapolis soon because I have to. I was going to go to the Cathedral, but I don't think I will now. Do you know of any good Minneapolis parishes? I was thinking of the Basilica of St. Mary.

Anonymous said...

Saint Paul is not very far from Minneapolis; they share a common border. If you are going to mass I think you will be much happier going to the Cathedral than the Basilica. They are both worth seeing, though. Also St. Agnes in Saint Paul is worthy of being a tourist attraction, it's the parish where Fr. Altier is the assistant pastor and it's not very far from downtown. If you are on I-94 heading toward downtown Saint Paul, you get off the Dale St. Exit and head north (left) about a mile, turn right on LaFond Ave. and go one block. I recommend going to the 10:00 AM (Sunday) whether you are going to the Cathedral or St. Agnes.

Anonymous said...

Moneybags & Steve,

I've only been Minneapolis-St. Paul for work, but the cathedral is worth visiting, at least for the architecture alone. It's situated on top of the highest hill in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolis and easy to spot (I think I'm thinking of the same thing).

Anyways, the city is very nice to visit when you get off the highways.

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