Monday, May 22, 2006

Google Silences Conservative Blogs & News

There has been a recent banning of conservative e-zines by Google. The poor victims of late have been New Media Journal,, and the Jawa Report. Apparently because of 'hate speech' as cited by Google on these respective websites and complaints by liberals Google News deemed it necessary to ban searches of articles from the above mentioned websites. Google sent this terse explanation on why their articles have been suppressed:
"Upon recent review, we've found that your site contains hate speech, and we will no longer be including it in Google News."
What were the articles in question written about? Islamic terrorism. In fact almost all of these 'censuring' measures taken by Google have been because the topic has been about Islamic terrorism, Muslim terrorists, etc. You get the idea. I am aware that as a Christian that my free speech was going to be inevitably curtailed by my own U.S. government concerning Christian doctrine, but never did I imagine that the private sector would be the first to repress articles of any variety or stripe. It's a capitalistic economy and Google is free to choose what they please, so maybe a 'Fox News' Google equivalent will arise in the (hopefully) near future to continue to allow for free speech to flourish in our democracy. For more on this development on American Thinker click here. For the exposition of Google's Liberal bent as showcased by NewsBusters click here. For the New Media Journal website click here. For the reaction of the New Media Journal click here. For the website click here. For the reaction to their banishment click here. For The Jawa Report click here. For the email from Google to The Jawa Report click here. (H/T for photo to Right On!).


Anonymous said...

Here's a sample of what Google doesn't like: Grant Swank on MichNews: "America should deport all Muslims and invite no Muslims into the country. Muslims don’t integrate. Europe is realizing this. America is now inviting the disease. Muslims are apart unto themselves because of their cultic nature. They are not a politic. They are not a culture. They are a cult based upon a killing book—the Koran."

Google's right. That's not conservatism, that's hate speech.


Anonymous said...

Mentioning that the terrorists slammed two planes into the World Trade Center towers is warranted enough to be banned.

Anonymous said...

Grant Swank, I should add, also has issued anti-Catholic diatribes over the immigration issue.


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