Wednesday, May 10, 2006

United 93

I recently just watched the movie on the courageous men and women who stopped flight United 93 from reaching its destination on 9/11. Some controversy has arised as it being to soon to come out and that it shows insensitivity towards the surviving families of United flight 93. First of all, it is not to early. Did ordinary Americans shy away from news of the Pearl Harbor attacks during World War II? Did they ask not to be reminded of why they were at war? No on both counts. Secondly, the surviving families did approve of the film and were involved in the production of the movie. So much so that even most of the actors and actresses resemble the very same American heroes that brought United 93 down near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Now back to my movie review. This movie is action packed and riveting. So much so that during the climactic scene when the passengers were overpowering the Muslim terrorists that I nearly jumped out of my seat and yelled 'yeah!' as these American heroes were pounding away on one of the terrorists with a fire hydrant. I don't remember the last time I even spoke up during a film, but it sure touched a nerve inside of me. The film is done in a documentary style, but with no voice over monologue. It's as if a filming crew were stationed at the important scenes of United flight 93. It makes for a newsie/Real World type of feel that you don't ever notice because you feel like you were there the day it happened. For me, there are few memorable events that I know exactly where I was when it occurred. 9/11 is one of them, and the only one I believe. I left reinforced as to why we are battling militant Islam throughout the world. The film pulls no punches as far as the Muslim terrorists are concerned. No 'PC' censoring I've seen. With the exception that when the terrorists yell 'Allah akbar', it isn't translated into English subtitles as with the rest of the Arab dialogue is. I especially enjoyed the German on the flight constantly telling the Americans that they will be set free. At one point the German is exasperated that the American passengers are about to take over the plane by yelling at the terrorists of what was about to happen. The American passengers immediately overwhelmed the German passenger and silenced him by beating him up. Ahhh, yes, the dichotomy and difference between conservatives and liberals is show in this most eloquent scene. I would recommend for everyone to watch this with the exception of children under the age of 13, but that is just being overly cautious. For more information on the movie, United 93, click here. To learn more about this movie review click here.


Great review! You have encouraged me to go see it.

God bless,

Unknown said...

You are welcome Jean!

God bless.

Anonymous said...

There are two moments in history where I can remember exactly where I was and who was with me. 9/11 and the death of Pope John Paul II. Oh yeah- and the election of Pope Benedict XVI- I guess that would make three. It's still too early in the morning to count.

I'm with you, Jean!

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