Sunday, May 7, 2006

Short Break

My short break is almost over when I return back to Houston Monday evening. I have been here in Tucson since Thursday as part of the bridal group (groomsmen) for my best friends wedding. I am also catching up with many old friends from my days at the University of Arizona. Tucson is the place where my journey back to my Catholic faith began and I will be making a small pilgrimage to the Newman Center on the UofA campus to pray and attend Mass. It is also where I earned my undergraduate degree and spent about eight years working various jobs from marketing in the University of Arizona Athletic department to waiting tables for the rich and famous at Canyon Ranch. Anyways, today it is a gorgeous 91 degrees with 18% humidity and I've been walking around town and just viewing the many changes since I left roughly 10 years ago. I spent my morning having breakfast with the newlyweds and the grooms family before enjoying the wonderful weather. I hope everyone is doing well while I am on hiatus. Be back on Tuesday! (the picture above is of Old Main, the oldest standing building, 1898, on the campus of my alma mater)


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