Saturday, May 20, 2006

Da Vinci Code And Chris Baker

For the record I have not watched the movie nor do I intend to watch the Da Vinci Code. I have not read the book as well. I have been keeping up with this hot topic from the moment the book came out and have chose to make a statement today. Especially after listening to Chris Baker belittle Catholic Christians and other Christians and stoke the fires of hate on KTRH 740 AM yesterday (May 19) in Houston. With that said I do have a right to voice my opinion on this movie and radio personality Chris Baker, simply because the premise itself lends to religious intolerance and subversion and the way Mr. Baker denigrated my Catholic faith and culture. In this post-Christian age we are constantly bombarded with a continuous stream of misinformation and mischaracterization on our Christian faith. Of course we live in a free society that glorifies the right to insult others but we do have some 'secular' standards that we consciously or unconsciously abide to that prevents us from inciting hatred. For example if a movie was made about the denial of the Holocaust as 'fiction', there would be a media storm like we wouldn't believe. The ACLU, New York Times, KTRH 740, and even Fox News would be all over this movie like white on rice. Tell me that for a second that some uneducated half-wit like Chris Baker of 740 KTRH would have mocked the movie as just 'fiction' and told Jews should 'get over it'. Do you believe for one second that this spineless man would even crack jokes in relation to a film about the denial of the Holocaust? Of course not because that is why he is accorded the appropriate term as 'spineless', 'uneducated', and 'half-wit'. Spineless because he won't call the movie for what it is, an Anti-Catholic hate film. Uneducated because outside of spelling the word 'Bible' he knows nothing of Christianity, more specificity Catholicism and how our Christian faith interacts with an increasingly anti-Christian and secular world. Half-wit because as he attempts to be topical and controversial on his radio show yesterday (Monday, May 19) he shows his sheer ignorance of the major issues in this ongoing culture war. Yes, he tries to be all things to all people and he has a history of shrinking from controversial topics, but when it comes to the little guy (our Christian faith), Chris goes ballistic. Stoking hatred towards Catholics and our religion. Mr. Baker would not ever criticize Jews for defending their faith in a face of a movie that denies that the Holocaust never occurred. Regardless of any good, if any, that Chris Baker has done in the past on his radio show or in private, he showed his true colors by not standing up for the many blatant attacks he allowed on the call-in show as well as his insensitive remarks. Call me a bit sensitive, I really don't care, but defame my faith and I will blog about. Have I gone to far in my remarks concerning Mr. Baker, probably. The point I am making is we wouldn't have had the Catholic bashing that I listened to yesterday on KTRH if it wasn't for Mr. Bakers disrespect of our Christian, specificity Catholic, faith. May God have mercy on his soul.


Dad29 said...

Have you gone too far?

Not really.

I think an auto-da-fe would be perfectly consonant with his actions.

Get the firewood ready!!

Unknown said...

Indeed Dad29.

Outside of my poor English writing, I tried to be concise in my blog.

Hail the masses and bring out the matches!

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