Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Liberals Protect Islam, Attack Christianity

Time and time again it hardly never fails that the liberals, sophisticates, elites, and apologists from the political left will go out of their way to defend Islam by ridiculing Christianity. It happens here on this blog no less! Why do these well-meaning, yet self-destructive, Americans continue to tear down our own civilization for the expediency of multi-culturalism, radical ecumenism, and modernist ideals? Because they have empty lives and in order to make themselves feel better to get the approval of other 'liberals' they do the fashionable thing, denigrate the Faith that Jesus Christ himself established here on earth. They are commonly called anarchists, but mostly their just poor liberals with no meaning in their lives. The recent anti-Christian/anti-Catholic bashing that Chris Baker provoked and stoked is one example. Google's recent silencing of conservative websites is another. Why is it ok to portray President Bush as Hitler and wish his death on the Daily Kos, yet when the subject of Islamic terrorism is touched upon, Google bends over backwards to their 'liberal' complainers and censures the New Media Journal? Why is it that we can't even mention the word 'God' nor 'Jesus', but we are being indoctrinated with Islam by reciting prayers of Mohammad and practicing fasting of Ramadan in California schools (soon to reach a Catholic school near you)? Because of the indoctrination of the West being 'bad' and everything else being 'good'. This world perception took a dramatic hit on 9/11 and only now, little by little, is Islam being exposed for what it is. But you can see the liberal backlash gathering a storm against the Truth. Let us pray for our poor liberal brother and sisters that they may see the light of their destruction before it is to late. For more on the indoctrination of students about Islam by Investors Business Daily click here. For more on the double standard in the media between the treatment of Christianity and Islam by RealClearPolitics click here. For my recent posting on Googles censuring of free speech and the Truth click here. For the posting about the Da Vinci Code and Chris Baker click here.


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