Thursday, May 4, 2006

Congressman Kennedy Crashes Car (again)

Patrick Kennedy, the Democrat Representative from Rhode Island, was involved in a car accident early Thursday morning. For the record, Patrick Kennedy is a Catholic. He is also the son of the Democratic Senator, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts. Ted Kennedy, again for the record, who was involved in a car accident but denied any drinking. In 1969 Ted Kennedy drove off of Dike Bridge on July 18 a quarter till midnight not driving drunk into bay in Chappaquiddick that resulted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne whom he was not going to have sex with that evening. This young campaign worker was a passenger at the time and once served as Robert Kennedy's secretary. Ted Kennedy, who through his own heroic efforts was able to save himself but not his 'friend' Mary Jo Kopechne in nine feet of water. Bravely he immediately contacted police 'several hours' later. Representative Patrick Kennedy was not drinking and was not swerving his car at 3:00 AM Thursday morning. He was attempting to reach the capitol building to cast his vote but just missed it by only six hours. He consumed absolutely no alcohol prior to him rushing to cast his vote in congress. Just because he was seen staggering out of his car after crashing into a capitol barrier and witnessed by the two officers in the patrol car whom he attempted to swerve and miss doesn't mean anything at all. The fact that he was involved in a prior accident earlier in the year should not discount this upstanding man of faith, principle, and being Ted Kennedy's son. I see no reason why the good people of Rhode Island should not re-elect this good upstanding citizen of Massachusetts, err, Rhode Island (he has an apartment registered in his name in Rhode Island you know).


A Kennedy Family tradition continues

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