Saturday, June 24, 2006

Archbishop DiNardo To Receive Pallium

His Excellency Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo will be receiving the symbol of his authority, the pallium, by Pope Benedict XVI himself this Thursday in Rome on 29 June, the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul. The modern pallium is a circular band about two inches wide, worn about the neck, breast, and shoulders, and having two pendants, one hanging down in front and one behind. Or that's what I found out about what the pallium looks like. The Pallium can only be used on special occasions, so if you spot it on our Archbishop at any ceremony or Mass, you're involved in something unique! For more on Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo in Rome click here and here.


Matthew said...

I've never seen one before. What kind of special Masses are they allowed to be used at?

Anonymous said...

It's called the 'Rite of Admission to Candidacy for Ordination as Deacons and Priests'.

Matt said...

Do you think he will convert to orthodoxy on the flight to Rome like Levada?

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