Saturday, June 3, 2006

Martin Luther's Fruits

Any vestiges of respect that I have for Lutherism is quickly reaching one of contempt a la the Episcopal church. Wiccan and other pagan rituals and ceremonies are beginning to creep into the ELCA to the point of absurdity. I'm sure Martin Luther had this in mind when he 'protested' against the Church's excesses. What a dolt. He, along with King Henry VIII, Zwingili, and his other Protestant cohorts are responsible for the rampant human secularism that has infested western Europe. These 'protestors' have contributed to the French Revolution, two world wars, and hideous totalitarian systems that is communism and Nazism. Because of our lack of unity and 'sola scriptura', personal revelations and bequeathed moral relativism. Thanks Martin Luther. People will know you for the fruits of your labors. (H/T The cafeteria is closed.....) To view the 'goddess rosary' and prayer click here.


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