Monday, June 26, 2006

Nicole Kidman a Catholic?

I've been thinking a bit about why Nicole Kidman is so interested in marrying into our Catholic faith. She was raised Catholic, albeit with a poor catechesis, but ended up marrying ex-Catholic Tom Cruise into the Scientology cult. I've read over the years bits and pieces of her interest and it seems almost spiritual but without any sound moral grounding. She loves the 'smells and bells' and a lot of the art and architecture of the Catholic faith, but is she really into the actual teachings of the Church? I don't know. I pray the Holy Spirit guides her more into our Catholic faith to learn the great treasures and truths. For a recent article on Nicole Kidman and her standing in the Catholic Church click here.


When they separated, it was widely rumored that it was because she came back to the Church, so I am hoping that is true. She was not married IN the Church to Cruise, but in a rented home someplace, I think.

I am bothered by the 'pre-nup' agreement, however, and thought that as Catholics, we are not supposed to make them, since it 'anticipates' a divorce.

Anonymous said...

I agree, pre-nups are anti-marriage. But that is what seperates us Catholics from everyone else. When we have the Truth, we know better.

Best we evangelize so others may know what 'love' really means.

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